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For New Member
Area of Service:
Worldwide、Taiwan (including off-shore islands) 、 Hong Kong and Macau (Except China, for China please click  service@asian-bra.com)

Shopping Condition:
The shopping environment provided by  ASIAN BRA is easy and friendly. As long as you are our member, you could shop the product and service provided in this website.
Bra Size:
To ensure you buying a comfortable and healthy bra, the bra size and style offered by ASIAN BRA are all designed according to breast shape of Asia woman. Therefore, we provide a simple “Size Confirm” for member. You could choose the bra fittest to you easily by confirming your bust and cup before making your purchase. ASIAN BRA reminds you again that the bra size offered in this website is especially designed for the body figure of Asians, so you have to confirm your Size Confirm before shop.
Buying Bra:
There is an easy searching method for you in this website, and you could even select according to different type, material and cup.
All products are pictured clearly for your reference, but color might be slightly different to the actual product due to monitor setting. The color of actual product is more beautiful.
Size and stock of each product will present in the web. Reminding you again to confirm your bust and cup size before making the purchase.
Selling Price:
The currency used in ASIAN BRA is USD, which apply to worldwide except Taiwan (including off-shore islands) and China.For China member: please contact us by   service@asian-bra.com
Freight Included:
Freight and insurance are included in the unite price of the product in ASIAN BRA ( China not included )
Shopping Cart:
Shopping cart could storage the product you selected before check out, and you could add or delete item in any time before check out. It will remain at the top of the page for your reference as long as you remain in log in status and not move to check out. Once you log out or move to check out, it will reset to 0 automatically.
Notes for Shopping Cart:  For the item you pick up in the shopping cart, other member still has the priority to make check out, which means if it is a limited item, you might not be able to buy it successfully due to your check out delay.
If you have confirmed all items, just click “Check Out” to move to check out procedure.
ASIAN BRA offers discount for members that purchase more than one bra set:
Buying 2 bra sets 5% discount of the marked price
Buying 3 bra sets and above 10% discount of the marked price 
Order Confirmation:
ASIAN BRA provides simple check out function, your personal information will be displayed automatically   
 1.Confirm your relevant product receiving information( address, post code, TEL and receiver)
 2. Select payment method according to your country (for example, foreign member only pay by  PAYPAL account)
 3. Fill up and confirm shipping and shipping instruction (foreign member fill in PAYPAL shipping information)                     
When you complete check out procedure, the order summary will be displayed again for your confirmation, after click the confirmation button you will get order numbers, and order detail will also send to you by email.
Note: Once the order is confirmed, you will not be able to change or delete it (detail as shown in order instruction), please check out after confirmation.
Customs Duties:
The duties occurred from the import of products purchased by you shall be your own responsibility. ASIAN BRA does not responsible for the resulted duties. If you are required to pay for the duties, we would provide you relevant information so you could get your products as soon as possible.
Exchange and Return: Please refer to Return and Exchange


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